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Amazing Parties,
2 Tye View,
Telscombe Cliffs,
Nr Brighton.
BN10 7DN

French Office:

Larroucal, 32140
Bezues Bajon, France

Housing gauzes-originally produced for TV

  • an 8.5x 4.6m Georgian building end G4
  • a 12m x4.6m Wren church and terrace in black and white G5
  • a 10.5m x 4.6m Victorian terrace G11
  • a 7.1m x 4.6m end of terrace G13
  • a 14m x4.6m 3 storey terrace 70's street scene G16
  • a 12.5m x 4.6m mixed buildings with roadworks G20
  • a 6.1m x 4.6m modern st. G21
  • an Edwardian street/pub scene 15m x 4.6m G23
  • a St Pauls skyline in black and white 9m x4.3m G25
  • a brick house and shop 8m x 6m G32
  • a rear terrace 6.1m x 4.6m G35
  • suburban semi's 12.2 x 4.6m G39
  • mixed tall terraces 7.5m x 3.6m G42
  • house top and edge of modern block 12.2m x 5m G45
  • sixties town centre square 10.6m x 4.6m G47
  • view over London and the river 11m x 4.6m G53
  • detached house 9.1m x 4.6m G54
  • black and white factory complex 11m x 4.6m G55
  • modern view over London 17m x 4.6m G61
  • tower block and street 7m x 4m G62
  • distant tower block over corrugated fence 8m x4.6m G63
  • 1930's flats 4.6m x 4.6m G65
  • semi's street 5m x4m G68
  • outhouse 8.4m x 4.6m G70
  • rear of detached house 7.8m x4.6m G71
  • suburbia 11.4m x 4.8m G73
  • rear of tenament 8m x4.6m G86
  • back of detached house over wall 4.8m x4.6m G87
  • view through hedge to houses opposite 4.8m x4.6m G89
  • 19th Cent. terrace 7m x4.6m G93
  • back of two detached houses and gardens 15m x 4.6m G94
  • suburbs 12.2m x4.6m G95
  • Inner city flats in U shape 14m x4.6m G100
  • shopfront street perspective-needs rephoto 8m x4.6m G103
  • back of terrace with balustrade 12.2m x 7m G107