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A night with the stars-one of our most popular themes

This is one variant on the Oscar style ceremony party where the guests are the stars

red carpet

Hollywood style entrance

Entrance feature- Guests walk over a set of Hollywood sidewalk stars, then a red carpet with rope barriers to keep back the paparazzi. They flash the cameras and call out to guests who they pretend to recognise, calling out things like "Nicole ! Over here Nicole" and "Brad ! loved your last movie. Could you give us a few words ?" etc etc. 2 skytracker style beams of light playing up on the ceiling will add to the glam look. Hollywood Hall of fame reception. This comprises an overhead illuminated free-standing sign "Welcome to a night with the stars". Inside this have a series of free-standing panels with black film sprocket frames depicting Hollywood stars. Each uplit and dotted around the reception. Here guests would sip champagne and nibble canapés whilst mingling with some convincing celebrity look-a-likes. Entrance into dinner would be through 2 pairs of black cut-out old film cameras and scrolls of oversize film. To keep the room décor simple but classy why not alternate white and black tablecloths with a table centre as described below. Use alternating black and white chair covers with contrasting colour tie backs. This always looks chic.

 Hollywood themed room setting

Hollywood table centrepieces comprising a film reel, a clapperboard (on which you can chalk the table number), an Oscar statuette, film, and postcard size versions of film posters. Then around the room more free-standing vignettes comprising a period film poster in frame with another scroll of oversize film making an artistic statement-all set on a swag of gold lame. If each is uplit it will throw great patterns on the wall/ceiling through this film roll. A stage set with a silver screen set in a black film sprocket surround with a couple of large film lights on tripods and four Oscar style statues on stepped plinths. The screen can be showing a classic movie whilst dinner is served. Get the look-a-likes and a table magician to circulate. After dinner, a quality covers band followed by disco for those with any energy left. One final option is to arrange for a fantasy image set up where guests can have their heads photographed and placed in scenes where they are shown mingling with the stars. These make great momentos.

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