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A Taste of Victorian England

Here are some images from several different Victorian them parties we have created and a storyline

Guests begin by having reception in an old pub. Mock wooden wall panels, a wall of large whisky barrels and a large painted pub interior backdrop of the period create false walls and items like pub mirrors and memorabilia complete the image. A giant old circular bar is pulling pints whilst waitresses circulate with other drinks. There are a few traditional pub tables and chairs and off to one side a games area where all the traditional pub games (Skittles, pool, bagatelle, darts, dominos, cribbage, bar skittles, shove ha'penny, dominos.) are available.

British old pub setting

On a small stage, Chas and Dave are playing your old favourites. Two large openings lead straight out onto a Victorian street scene with market in full swing. Here guests can listen to cockney rhyming slang as the costumed cockney 'vendors' try to entice with cockles, winkles, jellied eels, pints of prawns and other such delights. Flower girls offer a rose for the lady. Also in the street are various street entertainers- a barrel organ, an urchin choir, kids playing with hoops, spinning tops, a man in a stove pipe hat rides a penny farthing, a one man band, a small group of pickpockets takes on groups of 'punters' and the bunco booth man is definitely not to be trusted. 

All this is reception for we are awaiting the opening on the Gaiety Theatre where tonight we will dine whilst watching the Old Variety theatre. The theatre frontage is all lit up and guests can now walk through the red velvet curtains into dinner. The floor is tiered so that tables nearer the back get a better view and to either side of the stage some table look like they are in their own private box. The proscenium arch is currently closed off with the safety curtain but the orchestra is in place and playing. There are old fashioned flower posies on each table set around which are 5 glass votives with tealight candles inside. What guests have not noticed is that dotted around between the tables are 5' high plinths and that there are two smaller stages either side of the audience. The first act comes on between courses. The lights dim, the master of ceremonies bangs his gavel and announces the first act-the amazing !, the extraordinary !- the magnificent !....and onto each plinth and stage springs and juggling act who throw objects to each other over the audiences heads. The next course is served and then after, the lights dim again and the master of ceremonies is back announcing the next act.-the Ten Tenors. Again popping up onto the plinths and doing rousing renditions of popular arias. This repeats itself through the courses until the main show, which begins with a rip roaring, fast paced Folie bergere style dance routine in which at some point the girls race off through the audience and are hoisted up onto the plinths. Other acts which keep the whole audience involved follow until a duelling piano act starts off mellow and gets more raucous and rock and roll before being joined onstage by a great showband-saxes/guitars/drums/trumpets to get everyone up and dancing. Guests have the option of going back to the 'pub' to chill out or play pub games.

Alternatively is a Victorian pub isn't your thing, how about these Victorian street buildings we made for a Victorian Christmas
victorian street scene Victorian street scene

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