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Cabaret-french theme Parties



 Warning! The legal beagles behind the Moulin Rouge in Paris will prosecute you with vigour if you attempt to use the red windmill i.e the Moulin Rouge or anything to do with the term Moulin Rouge in your party or event. Therefore use French burlesque, Cabaret or French can can as the strapline. Here is the storyline for the party

Guests enter through the Art Nouveau Metro entrance to catch sight of the outside of the street of theatres.

metro entrance French street ads 

This picture has been removed because those legal killjoys at the Moulin Rouge in Paris seem to believe they have a right to every image anyone might have ever taken or imagined of a red windmill and the phrase 'Moulin Rouge' despite this being in most tourists eye.

The party can take place 'outside' at cafe tables or inside the theatre. Here we mixed the two.

Each table can have a funky tablecentre

legs tablecentre

or one of these theatre style table lamps which take tealight candles-so no cabling! Or the classic wine bottle table centres

 clasic wine bottle table centres