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Horror and Halloween Parties

Strangely popular at any time of the year! Here are just a few images from different we have done

Guests enter a house of horror entrance. This comprises Mock stone arch doorway overgrown with vines, creepers and dying foliage. Internal mock wooden panelled walls of a an old hallway Horror items on these walls including spooky mirror, manacles, heraldic shields. A suit of armour Low lying fog and dead leaves

The flickering of flames and the cackling of the un-dead lies beyond. By turning off the house lights and bringing in suitable atmospheric lighting to reduce the apparent ceiling height, we effectively take out most of the venue look and can concentrate on the theme at human scale. There will be half a dozen fake bats flying around on tethers and more low lying fog. Rising out of this fog are poseur tables wrapped in hessian and tied in with rough rope. On each of these is a mock flame inside one of several styles of outer-e.g. Pumpkins, Medieval style iron baskets and skulls. Now that we have set the main scene guests can now avail themselves of the food, drink and entertainment. The food and drink areas will be wrapped firstly in white sheets (as though the furniture was under wraps for the Winter) and then in localised places, set with various themed items e.g. Cauldrons, coffins, candelabra, old implements including scythes and wooden bowls/ dough boys/ boxes. Each table can also be dressed in hessian with a mock flame centrepiece or gothic candelbra overgrown with dead, twisted branches and cobwebs.

The entertainment comprises games-see separate list, and both roving and static entertainment. Suggestions here include The old dowager and her ancient, but faithful old retainer, Scrotum. Tarot card reader Palmist Crystal ball gazer Walk about horror characters like High rise rubber, Runtmonger or the Little Guys A string quartet dressed as witches.

Horror door

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