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Narnia or Lion, witch and the wardrobe themed parties

the first was our largest

This event for 9,000 guests over 10 nights took place in a 2,100 sq metre main marquee. Reception took place in the Professors library. A 30 metre wall of books split only by two oversize wardrobe doors.

A roaring fire adds life and drama to the scene

Inside the wardrobes are ranks of oversize clothes which guests have to part to gain access to Narnia.

Guests then exited through two ice sparkle gazebos

and looking back, guests see the huge 30m expanse of Narnia on a painted backdrop



The second example here was a corporate awards dinner for 600

A smaller library and wardrobe doors entrance

With oversize clothes inside the wardrobe for guests to part to reveal the entrance to Narnia with snow falling

Here then are several views around the main room which included a sleigh, a large lamp post, a lion, a polar bear and several hand painted backdrops as well as illuminated table centre pieces

To see more detail of the items click on Narnia props or Narnia backdrops