Prohibition theme parties

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Prohibition theme parties

chicago gangster entranceprohibition table setting

This party took place in a small, intimate restaurant setting. Brick flats, with wanted posters, were use to block out fixed features. Cut out full size gangsters 'guarded' various doorways. The place settings were copies of the original Chicago newspapers announcing the repeal of prohibition whilst the table centres were saucy girls legs dressed only in sparkly shoes and garters.

prohibition party table


In the next prohibition themed party which took place in a large nightclub, different areas were themed as chicago locations.

The warehouse, the Chinese laundry, the lawyers office, the Italian bar

whisky barrel entrance Chinese laundry laundry

prohibition lawyers room Italian bar

Whisky soaked and cobwebbed barrels formed the entrance walkway. In the Chinese laundry, guests had to part the washing to gain access. It was all quiet in the lawyers office as abandoned legal documents, old typewriters and framed legal certificates all gave the impression of legitimate enterprise.

The Italian bar was hung with panettone and grapes with a bar menu of Italian and Gangster inspired cocktails.


The next party used different centrepieces based on Tommy gun candelabra standing on loads of fake dollar bills

Tommy gun candelabra

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