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The Fetish Ball-a themed party for the uninhibited

What will you wear as you dress to dominate or be dominated ?

Enter past the cell doors (originals from the TV series Porridge) into a black room dominated by a 10' high cage in which can be seen at each corner, a small stage on which exhibits, both those provided by the management and spunky guests, can strut their stuff.

Two girls play a human harp perhaps?

The cage bars are decorated with whips chains, manacles and other instruments of pleasure. Other assorted bondage items like stocks, whipping posts and the rack are available for that all important 'lesson'.

Collect a canape from the human trays and a drink from the bondage boys.

The MISTRESS will crack her whip and herd all the snivelling wretches into dinner.All the dining tables are set out in black linen crossed with chains or for those with softer pleasures in mind-red chair covers tied back with a black corset

corset dressed chairs

Each place setting could have a 'shoe' from which to drink and you will have to ask very nicely for your food. Be sure to eat it all up otherwise the punishment meeted out will be both humiliating and painful-if you're lucky !

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