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Pirate themed parties-here are some example images from different ones we have created over the years

pirate lair entrance

This was originally written for a corporate residential event. Have some dressing gear(as a starting point) in their room when they get back from outside with a message "meet at the Spyglasse Tavern at 7.30 for a drink before the ship sails. Don't be late or she sails without ye" We dress the reception bar as the Spyglasse tavern complete with old bar, wooden panelling, dim lighting and of course a parrot. Then there is a raid by the Press gang and everyone is ushered out and on board. A gang plank entrance leads to the deck of the ship where guests are able to partake of a buffet supper beneath the rigging. On the poop deck, in front of the Captains cabin a squeeze box player entertains whilst food is eaten. Then a fiddle band strikes up a tune and gets everyone dancing.

ships deck with mast

ships mast, spars and rigging

ships lad before the mast

Then here is another pirate themed party in a hotel function suite. It started with a large pirate flag hanging down through the large foyer. Then guests walked past a sign and onto a tropical gangplank

 entrance to the gangplank


pirate dining room

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