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Voodoo Heaven-a party with a flaming heart!

Approach the black gates of Mama Diablo's compound with trepidation. Sweep aside the Tropical foliage to confront the dimly lit and fog bound entrance. Two flaming torches (our mock flames) stand sentry either side of the black gates. Hung on the gates are skulls, effigies and personal items.

Push these aside and enter the bamboo enclosed compound. Drumming noises start. A shanty hut is your goal, for here is where you will find the potions you seek.

Behind the cane and foliage facade, several of Mamas attendants await to serve you with your potion. You will need a few of these as the drumming becomes more urgent. Suddenly, a dervish appears and dances a wild dance, then another and another! They grab a cane and make a limbo pole-dragging guests in front and showing them how it is done before inviting the guests to follow.

A change of pace and lighting focuses peoples attention on the arrival of the witch doctor!. A wall of flame appears from nowhere. Behind this he appears like an apparition. He casts her spells, disappears and the flames part allowing guests into dinner.

witch doctor

Each table is clothed with rough burlap topped by a groteque effigy centrepiece and candles (black of course).

Dinner is served by Zombie like staff (isn't that what we are used to ?) to a hypnotic steel band. A witch doctor might visit your table to show you some of his devilish tricks. Afterwards beware the becoming beat of the drum- it may cause you to convulse on the dance floor !

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