African props for hire

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We have a large collection of African themed props available to create any era or look. Dry hire or use our 30+years of designing to help you with a design, delivery and installation.
African backdrops are also available as well as a wide range of performers to bring your event to life


african tents by night....



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two african masks
African giraffe mask
african mask and grasses
a pair of African masks
African giraffe mask-2 available
african mask with grasses

  antelope mask

antelope mask-5 available

carved wood african mask
wooden african shield
african zebra mask
carved wooden mask v. heavy
wooden african shield
african zebra mask-5 avail
small face masks
cane screening

lifesize african facemasks
split cane screening

african drum table
silhouette african trees
traditional tents and campfire
african drum table -2 available
silhouette african trees-8 available
traditional tents and campfire
african bars

brushwood screening
African bars-

brushwood screening for compound walls
african table centre
african table centre 2
real flames
african table centre idea 1
african table centre idea 2
real flames-ask for full range
fake flames
cauldron 1
fake flames
cauldron 1
cauldron 2
leopard print chair covers
zebra chair covers

leopard print chair covers-100+available
Zebra print chair covers
crocodile heads x 3 and 2 x hippos 
zebra chair covers

zebra print chair covers x 80

giraffe cut-outs
cut out monkey
cut out giraffes
cut out monkey
mock rifles
cane torches
african spearsspears
tiger shoot
cane torches
spears x8
African themed games