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Amazing Parties,
Two TYe View
Telscomve Cliffs
Nr Brighton.
BN10 7DN

French Office:

Larroucal, 32140
Bezues Bajon, France


we have in stock

  • we have two Dr, Zhivago style sleighs for hire
  • sleigh
  • 1 with black with leather seats
  • and finally another sleigh-all ideal for photo opportunities
  • sleigh in photo setting

  • old skis

    8 pairs of old skis and some poles

    fake ice walling stalagmites icicles
    fake ice walls made to order 'ice' stalagmites icicles from 100mm to 1m
    icicle fringe flexible icicle fringe frosted white birch trees to 3.5m
    3d icicle fringe flexible icicle fringe 30+frosted white birch trees to 3.5m
    snowflake centrepiece-can be on turntable frosted ice tree centrepiece oak barrel hire
    snowflake tablecentre -can be on turntable
    ice tree centrepiece
    large beer barrels to make bars/poseur tables

    alpine street shopfronts f slash snow curtain

    alpine street shopfronts slash snow curtain
    ice caves
    bavarian direction signs
    4m lamp post heads
    3d ice caves made to order alpine street fingerpost signs 4m high street lamps x 4

    ice sculptures
    ice bar

    ice sculptures and vodka luges carved to order ice bars carved to order
    ice glasses
    shot glasses made of ice
    snow shoes
    ice glasses made to order ice shot glasses snow shoes

alpine beirkeller entrance
old wooden sledges
Bier keller entrance pieces  made to order
old wooden sledges
alpine chalet

bavarian blue banners
alpine chalet frontages made to order
Bavarian blue and white banners
oktoberfest flag Bavarian crest Oktoberfest flag Beir festival bunting
Oktoberfest flag 5'x'3' x 2 Bavarian Crest Oktoberfest flag 5'x3' x 4 Oktoberfest bunting in10m lengths
bavarian blue and white pieces
christmas lighting
Bavarian blue and white pieces
bavarian street lights x 4

  • bars various
  • barrels
  • Alpine shopfronts These are sectional and re-built each time to a spec.
  • street lamps and outdoor lighting inc. Christmas lights
  • artificial rocks and ice caves, icicles and ice stalagmites
  • signs
  • Ice themed games

you will also find suitable items in the following themes Winter Wonderland, Narnia,Octoberfest,Christmas,Garden , Medieval and Skiing

link to Bavarian backdrops

To book  your next Alpine or Oktoberfest party or entertainers like Oompah bands, yodellers, Alpen horn players and girls in traditional costume, please give us a call on 02071389066