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Asian props for hire for Asian themed parties and events

Asian party setting

we have the following in stock

carved wooden buddha head large gold buddha head
carved wooden lifesize buddha head 1100mm gold buddha head
tall gold buddha hindu god panels
5' high gold buddha statue 3 no 1200mm high Hindu god panels-Dewi?

Hindu relief panel
Hindu panel 1400mm wide
carved wooden lintel asian kite
2 overhead carved wooden lintel piece-1500mm Asian kite 4m

carved gold Asian figures
pair of gold carved figures 800mm
black cane rickshaw
Black cane rickshaw
cane rickshaw Indonesian parasol
Natural cane rickshaw Indonesian parasol
large gong brass gong
large 800mm dia metal gong with striker small brass gong 500mmdia
elephant fringing elephant applique fringing
applique fringe 6m elephant applique fringing x 60m
doorway hangings applique wall or ceiling hangings
doorway hangings x 3 applique 3m x3m pieces x 12

  • A large wooden temple bell from Bali
  • Several large brass hammered plates and brass and turned wood coffee table-see Brass
  • A cane high backed chair a la Riki Tiki
  • Indian/Asian style cotton print tablecloths-various designs
  • We have plenty of live bamboo plants from, bamboo poles from and bamboo screening
  • Here are some black and white screens being used as a buffet station
  • If you would like us to design and install an Asian theme for you-please send us a brief

see also items in Chinese props and Indian props or go to the party called Bombay Dreams