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Larroucal, 32140
Bezues Bajon, France


we have lots in stock

Bond girl silhouettesJames bond standees 

Disposable 5' high cardboard silhoutte-Bond girls and Bonds
Brosnan standee Roger Moore standee
6' cut outs with photographic faces -all the Bondsx 2 ea
Russian army hats Russian Army shirts
Russian army hats x 6 Russian army shirts x 12
4 man alpine cable car Bullion cage
4 man alpine cable car to recreate the scene where Jaws stands on top or as a photo opportunity Bullion cage and gold bars

Sandbagged entrances made to order
inflatable aeroplane sandbagged entrance
30' long inflatable Russian aeroplane !
Q's laboratory hang glider
Q's laboratory with plenty of gizmos to play with Full size hang glider with dummy Bond
Russian themed ice sculptures bond target game
Russian themed ice luges and sculptures-to order Bond shooting games with cork 'bullets'
  • Casino royale entrance which can use items from our Casino set and our balustrading
  • We also supply casino tables with croupiers
  • Three 'fairground style' side show games and three unique activities
  • 1. Odd-jobs 'coconut' shy- uses bowler hats to knock the heads off
  • 2. The Golden Gun shoot- BB golden guns and targets
  • 3. Miss Moneypennies hat stand game-get Bond's hat onto the hat stand
  • 4. Another game exclusive to us is the Shark racing game. Guests stand inside the shark cage and race radio controlled, helium filled sharks around the outside of the cage!! Great fun.
  • 5. Radio-controlled, BB firing tanks. These can be raced around obstacle courses in timed runs or simply used to knock down Bond villain targets.
  • 6. The Explosion game! Using an authentic old telephone exchange, players try to connect the wires without causing an explosion.
  • We make Bond table centrepieces from a collection of themed items. See some examples on Bond Centrepieces

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