French Office:

Larroucal, 32140
Bezues Bajon, France


here we have in stock

Imperial Russian Christian flag Russian Imperial Eagle flag
Russian Christian Imperial Eagle flag x 2 5'x3' Russian Imperial Eagle flag x 4  5'x3'
Dr Zhivago sleigh Dr Zhivago sleigh
an original sleigh for 4 persons or the mail
Dr Zhivago sleigh-black for 2 persons
Russian explosives barrels peasant cart
10 barrels from the film 'Tomorrow Never dies' Peasant cart
Russian army hats Russian Army shirts
Russian army hats x 6 Russian army shirts x 12
army fifles faberge eggs
rifles x 6 mock faberge eggs

old East German flag

Old flag of East Germany 8'x5'

  • plenty of pillars and pilasters to make building frontages

  • an amazing inflatable tail end of a russian aeroplane 30' long 
  • inflatable aeroplane rear

link to Russian backdrops see also Winter Wonderland