We have a large collection of props suitable for creating any seaside scene

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Amazing Parties,
The Forum,
277 London Rd,
Burgess Hill,
Nr Brighton.
RH15 9QU

French Office:

Larroucal, 32140
Bezues Bajon, France

We have a large collection of seaside props available to create any era or look. Dry hire or use our 30+years of designing to help you with a design, delivery and installation.
Seaside backdrops are also available as well as a wide range of performers to bring your event to life

seaside scene



pier entrance
seaside pier railings
seaside beach huts
Pier entrance
Pier railings
Beach huts
 deck chairs finger posts   bunting
Deck chairs (R/W or B/W)
Finger post signs
Bunting-R/W/B, multicoloured/vintage
fairground games signs
tropical themed beach hoopla
life rings and breeches buoy
sideshow games signs
tropical themed hoopla
popcorn or candyfloss stalls
sideshow games stalls
popcorn or candyfloss stall
sideshow stalls
deckchairs x 25
allwin arcade game
allwin arcade game
Penny arcade sign
Allwin penny arcade game
Punch and Judy allwin game
Original penny arcade sign
dunkin donuts neon
Hersheys ice cream sign
wooden ice cream sign
Dunkin Donuts neon sign
illuminated Hershey ice cream sign
double sided sign 1500mm
Douglas Gill style aunt sally
Sat.night fever aunt sally
sailor aunt sally
Douglas Gill Aunt Sally
Grease Aunt Sally
Sailor & Mermaid Aunt Sally
Bingo machine
fun fair sign
candy floss signs
Bingo machine
Bespoke signs
Candyfloss and popcorn sign
windsurf sails
boat sails
waveski, body and windsurf boards
ice cream tricycle
round fairground stall
ice cream tricycle
ships dorades-windscoops 1400mm high
large fairground stall 21'

fairground ride motorcycles
rollo game
rollo game 2
fairground motorcycles
star illuminations
chasing fairground lights
festoon lighting-coloured or white
chasing lights
fishing nets

fake shellfish
fishing nets
large clam shell
lobster pot
punch and judy sign
large clam shells for buffet work
lobster pots
punch and judy sign
old clairvoyant signs
sandcastle table centres
painted fairground pillars
clairvoyant signs
sandcastle table centres
fairground stall pillars
seaside direction signs
sideshow stall
fortune teller sign
seaside direction signs
15' x 10' sideshow stall with great graphics
Fortune teller sign
giant oversize deckchair
candy cart

giant oversize deckchair seats 2 x 2available
candy cart or candyfloss station