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Amazing Parties,
The Forum,
277 London Rd,
Burgess Hill,
Nr Brighton.
RH15 9QU

French Office:

Larroucal, 32140
Bezues Bajon, France


in stock we have

cartwheels cowbell for ringing chow time
Cartwheels from 2' to 5' 300mm cowbell for ringing chowtime
western saddle pieces of riding tack
Western saddles x 2 pieces of riding tack-pls ask for current stock
water bottle hurrican lamp
trail water bottle working hurricane lamps x 20
hurricane lamps old hessian sacks
old hurricane lamps x 30 old hessian sacks x 40
old brass oil lamps saloon swing doors
old brass oil lamps x 3 saloon swing doors with or without the saloon frontage
saloon railings whiskey bar mirror
saloon divide railings to suit whisky bar mirror
covered wagon
covered wagon with milk churns and cacti
confederate flag decoration western signs
confederate flag decoration western signs
farm impliments old garden impliments
old garden impliments more old garden impliments
Indian teepee Indian feather headdress
Large Indian teepee Indian feather headdress
totem pole large cactus
2.1m totem pole Lareg 2.5m high cactus
Jail cage campfires
Jail cage 2.4m x 2.4m corners campfires using silk flame units-to order
wild west rustic signs barrel cacti
Pokerwork wild west signs small ball cactus 30cm dia
last chance saloon entrance post and rail fencing with saddles
last chance saloon entrance piece post and rail with saddles
confederate flags gold bars
confederate flags gold bars x 100 available

rustic coffin

Suury with the fringe on top
a rustic coffin (no base) Surry with the fringe on top

western gun holster bullets
western .38 gun western 9mm gun
western .38 gun with holster western 9mm gun, holster and bullets

a rustic coffin (no base)

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