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Fire related props

In stock are

fireplace rude fireplace
stone fireplace 2m x 2.3m rude fireplace 1.8m x 1.8m
old red fire buckets old fire extinguishers
old red hanging fire buckets x 3 old fire extinguishers x 2 of each minimum
cast iron brazier fire pit kadai
cast iron braziers x 3 firepits 900mm x 2
large wrought iron gaz flambeaux Olympic gaz flames
2.8m high wrought iron gaz flambeaux x 2 Olympic gaz flambeaux x 4 2.2m high
stainless steel flambeaux
stainless steel flambeaux
stainless steel gaz torch 2m high  Stainless steel torches-2m adjustable x 40
Olympic flame table centre granite stone gel burner
Olympic gaz flame table centre granite stone gel burners for table settings x 25
fire hydrant
fibreglass fire hydrant x 2

  • mock flame machines including flame tunnels-see flames
  • real flame flambeaux
  • candelabra
  • Fire hoses and old stand pipes
  • want to do a St.George and the dragon set? We have fire and smoke breathing dragon !

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