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Amazing Parties,
The Forum,
277 London Rd,
Burgess Hill,
Nr Brighton.
RH15 9QU

French Office:

Larroucal, 32140
Bezues Bajon, France

In stock we have the following

Two of these entrance gazebos and three of these entrance arches. Each is approx 3m high

Then we have 6 of these 'wall' sections-2 shown here. With a hollow top section in which live or artificial foliage can be placed. These sections are roughly 1m x1m.

Two oversize wardrobe entrances with a selection of oversize clothes.

A 30m long fake library

We also have two original sleighs-see Alpine props

winter entrance

many white frosted silver birch with white pealights up to 3.5m high

Ice caves

Giant icicles, stalagmites, and hanging fringe icecles

Slash snow curtain

Snow machines and low foggers

Blow moulded ice walling

Click here to go to Narnia backdrops

and here to see examples of Narnia parties we have created