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THE LAST 1000 YEARS-a review

from the Anglo saxons to the present

Take a trip through time. Enter the wattle and daub world of the Anglo saxon marketplace.

Go through the Tudor doorway into the panelled dining room of a Medieval lord. A roaring fire is blazing in the fireplace, suits of armour and hunting trophies line the walls along with a large tapestry


Dine at long tables, decorated with iron candelabra whilst fools and minstrels entertain.

Try desserts and or games in the Georgian Gallery created by large corinthian columns and balustrading. Splat the rat, skittles and apple bobbing are very popular.

Top up your glasses at the long Victorian bar, where authentic ales can be sampled.


Finally, enter the present, dancing the night away at the Space age disco.

An alternative use of this theme is to have themed buffet areas around the room with food, drink and decor in different period styles.