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Amazing Parties,
2 Tye View,
Telscombe Cliffs,
Nr Brighton.
BN10 7DN

French Office:

Larroucal, 32140
Bezues Bajon, France



We have no backdrops currently but do have a variety of props eg.

  • animal cut-outs inc. lions, monkeys, hippos, giraffes and parrots
  • black bar cages 10'high x 8'Lshape (4'each side)
  • red velvet curtains-for the act to come through and muslin tented ceilings
  • a fibreglass clowns mask approx. 1500mm in size
  • rope ladders and mock trapezes which could have mannequins on them
  • signage with illuminated chasing lights similar to Hollywood signs inc. 'Greatest Show on Earth"
  • we can make up mock tented ceilings from coloured muslin and Big top entrance features
  • festoon lighting with multi-coloured bulbs
  • bunting and flags
  • a 30'dia circus ring in sections with dance floor
  • a 6m diameter aluminium trilite rig which can be rigged above the centre of the room and used to attach swags of bi-coloured fabric out to the walls to give the impression of a big top
  • 6 No.6-8'high cut-out clowns
  • a Magicians coffin in silvered metal
  • bendy mirrors
  • ask for details of our sideshows and food stalls inc. popcorn and candyfloss
  • we have a traditional round 14' dia/21'overall with roof canopy, painted stall in which a maximum of three games can be sited
  • allwins-traditional fairground sideshow games
  • two original roll-a-win or rollo games
  • a carriage from a ghost train ride-perfect for a photo op
  • old painted tin direction arrows-one straight, one curved
  • another arrow which lights up the words 'Get Lucky'
  • a bouncy castle safety notice
  • a Madame Zelda fortune telling booth for an actor to get in

If space permits we would recommend tiered raised seating/dining areas around a central ring.

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