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OTT themed party

party scene

a sumptuous party for the fabulously rich or the 'wannabes'. This party can take many forms starting with the invitations.

This should be hand- delivered by a liviried manservant on a silver tray. Gold foil should abound and an RSVP essential!

On arrival, guests should get the red carpet treatment and be announced by an announcer as they sweep in between balustraded urns.

Reception offers champagne and exotic canapes whilst a string quartet plays and guests amuse themselves guessing which of the statues is real.

Dinner is served at OTT tables. These can take several forms. One option is to have every chair covered on linen chair covers tied back with gold tassels or bows. Matching napkin rings enclosse the finest table napkin. The table slipoverlay is a gold lame gathered at the edges and finished off with a small bow.

A large floral centrepiece adorns a huge candelabra.

Alternatively, every table could be a grand piano ! Slip on tabletops shaped and painted like grand pianos clip onto standard 5' banqueting rounds.

black and white party

It goes without saying that the food is magnificent, the guests famous (look-a-likes) and the evenings entertainment of the highest calibre.

The guests parting gift is a treasure to keep.